Wild Turkey strolling in my backyard yesterday. What's next?

Spotted in Richmond Virginia - Chesterfield County
(click on image for larger view)
This turkey strolled through the backyard around 7 pm last evening. I had no choice but to take this image through window glass from inside the house as I didn't have time to go outside..... shortly afterwards it disappeared into the woods. I apologize for image quality as it was moving along at a fast pace.
I know nothing about turkeys and have never seen one in my yard... ha.... t'was exciting! It was about a 20 pounder so couldn't miss its visit. What's next? Only a bear could be as unexpected a visitor now ;0)
Nature Art Photograph by Carolyn Hietala

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kat said...


i have seen them here in my yard too, inspiring me once to throw out a bunch of cracked corn

to turn a corner and flush a turkey (with young) and hear them gobble gobble away is quite a treat

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