ART - Jewel Tea "Autumn Leaf" China & Yellow English Rose - Still Life Oil Painting by Carolyn Hietala

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Thank you for your interest in my ART - Carolyn Hietala

Lonesome for SUMMER! So here's one Summer memory.....

Image taken on a very warm, VERY BRIGHT day!
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Winter please go away! Although..... I probably shouldn't suggest that as a mosquito sneaked in the house through the back door yesterday. Alas! I live in fear of being its next victim. A good suggestion according to our vet: Keep your dogs & cats on heartworm preventative ALL YEAR LONG.

Photograph of Chinese Mantis by Carolyn Hietala


Flecks of brilliant gold dust this rather vocal Summer resident of Richmond, Virginia. See the CURRENT PRICE of Gold here. WOW!

Nature is full of delightful surprises

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An oil painting artist must be a keen observer of color in order to produce an accurate representation of a subject. At first glance you might not notice the metallic yellow gold powdered upon this multi-colored fellow. Note: A much closer inspection of even the smallest of creatures we share our existance with can reveal amazing finds. You just have to not only look..... but SEE!
Nature Photograph of Cicada by Carolyn Hietala

Curious About The Current Price Of Gold? See here.....


If you ever spent time outdoors exploring as a child..... surely would have come upon
this odd impression in the soil.

And if your curiosity had continued to peak..... might have unearthed this odd little creature.

They are quite harmless as you can see. (click on images to enlarge) shows more information on this alien looking insect:

Photos of Ant Lion larva (aka "Doodlebug") Myrmeleon by Carolyn Hietala
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