Isn't this the cutest "Moth Pupa" you have ever seen? We're almost there!

The detail on the pupa is done. Now those boring little rocks need some life put into them. Also I searched for just the right moss to paint but came home empty handed.....until I looked what was growing against the foundation of the house! Perfect. Just what I was looking for.

Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other could be in your own back yard! Follow that yellow brick road right back home.


Rocks, sand, soil ...thought I surely would finish this painting today. Life got in the way! Tomorrow is another day ......

So close yet so far away!

Wildlife Rehabbers will get 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my Nature Art Oil Painting No.1 "Moth Pupa"

When this painting is completed
it will be available
for sale.

Our local ARK wildlife rehabbers
work very hard
and I appreciate all the aid
they bring to the injured and orphaned
wildlife of the State of Virginia.
I have personally taken them
a Red-tailed Hawk with a broken wing,
an injured Cardinal, Robin, Eastern Box Turtle,
and a baby Cottontail Rabbit
in the past two years.

I admire their dedication and this is only one small way
that I can help them.

This has been a labor of love, hence the "heart" in the painting.

Entomologists needed! Oil Painting of "Moth Pupa" ...and the detail work on painting begins ...

The components of this painting were collected from walks through the woods except for the pupa.

Last fall I was relocating some potted Amarylis plants and it was under one of them.
I was unsure of how to safely place it outside from the elements and predators so I brought it inside, putting it in a margarine tub nestled in paper towels.
I suppose it will be leaving me soon as it moves a lot.

If any entomologist can identify it email me and I will send photographs ........the child needs a name!


Nature Art Oil Painting No.1 "Moth Pupa" nearing completion ....satisfied with the movement in the composition ...all that is left is detail work ...

This painting began

with no prior planning.

Unusual for me

as I generally require a

completed drawing first.

The concept was

in my mind from the start

so I relied on imagination

and creative flow alone to bring it to life.

Hickory Nut joining Moth Pupa ...also leaf and more to come! Adds a little love ...see the heart in the nut? Not finished yet ......

Ever walked through the woods
after a rain storm?

My first discovery that
pupas existed happened just
that way.

Heavy rains dislodge
and expose secrets of nature
we never knew were there.

It awakens the land turtles that
come out to drink and
then rummage through the debris
for treasures such as this pupa.

If you take that walk though out for falling dead limbs
heavy with water!
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