100% of the proceeds will go straight to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center from this eBay auction of 15 miniature paintings by Art For Critters. SOLD

The Art for Critters artists present
the "Woodland Creatures" auction, featuring 15 ACEO
(2.5 x 3.5 inches) original miniature paintings.

100% of the proceeds
will go straight to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center,
a wonderful organization that helps wild animals
by providing wildlife rehabilitation and care,
educating the public to the needs of wildlife
and creating a sanctuary for wildlife.

Carolyn Hietala


Here's a photograph of a female Carolina mantis still laden with eggs. Males are not as easily photographed. She's beautiful amongst the Fall colors?

I discovered her yesterday but it was raining so I kept her overnight to photograph in the bright sun.

Now she is back residing where she was found.
Hope to get a glimpse of her offspring next year!

photo by Carolyn Hietala


PLEASE don't use a tripod to photograph a praying mantis...was content with the Rebel XT camera UNTIL it was placed on the tripod. Poor scared baby!

Guess it thought

it was a giant

threatening insect!


(glad it didn't

react that way

to me ;0)

photo by Carolyn Hietala


With assistance from a local entomologist we are 99% certain the subject of my oil painting is a Catalpa Sphinx Moth pupa! Will paint the moth too.

It has been almost a year since I collected this pupa to use in one of my paintings.

Yes it is still alive and moving......amazing!

Since I moved it indoors just before winter of 2005 it didn't receive the drop in temperature necessary to trigger it's emergence in spring.

Am so sorry I didn't find that out sooner as I have impatiently been waiting to paint the moth!

Now it will go into the refrigerator for two weeks and if all goes well....... immortalized in oil paint on canvas soon!

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. I surely hope it is able to emerge.
Carolyn Hietala

Southern Cricket Frog - I have to be careful not to step on these tiny frogs. We enjoy their nightly chorus along with their Bullfrog relatives.

Ever tried to catch one of these little guys?
You best have eaten your Wheaties that morning as they are quick!
An adorable little frog it is.

Carolyn Hietala


An entomologist could easily study the Praying Mantis in my Virginia yard! They are frequently seen and greedily accept insect "presents" I offer.

This caterpillar never had a chance with this expert hunter! Oh, what a tasty morsel. My Catalpa tree was being devoured by the caterpillars...... when full they would fall to the ground and become easy prey. (click on photograph to enlarge)


Apartment Living For Mushrooms? Yes even nature loves a community life.

Within the week these were gone......eaten by beetles!

Photographed by Carolyn Hietala

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