An Image Of Life And Death

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving..... I know I did.
Turkey is great but sharing special time
with those you love is the best!!!!!!!!! ;0)
Happy Black Friday!
Enjoy those leftovers!
Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Ornamental Grass In Autumn

With backlight illumination from the rising sun, these
ornamental grass seeds have a
special soft creamy glow about them.

richmond virginia - chesterfield county - grasses - fall
Nature Flora Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


A copper head in mossy green bokeh!

Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen
neonate Northern Copperhead Snake
Note the bright green/yellow tail distinguishing it as a baby. Getting this close to photograph a pit viper is emphatically NOT advocated..... even if it happens to be a juvenile like this one!
canon rebel xt / sigma 150 / macro / woodland backyard reptile / patchy sunlight / uncropped image / richmond virginia / chesterfield county
Nature Herp Wildlife Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


.....and she did exit in a blaze of glory

Last Rose Bokeh

In joyful brilliance, native Sumac and Japanese Red Maple
accompany Miss Graham Thomas English Rose
on her journey home.

richmond virginia - chesterfield county - yellow flower blossom - autumn
Nature Floral Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Hanging Around On A Hanging Round

Home Sweet Home..... compliments of Sycamore!
Peachy keen background..... compliments of Fall colors ;0)

This bug is one of many that were clinging to the green spiny seed balls of the American Sycamore tree - Platanus occidentalis. Autumn surely brings sustaining harvest to many.

Richmond Virginia - Chesterfield County - Insect Nature
Nature Wildlife Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Turning The Leaves Of History

An Autumn day ends..... there are new hopes for dawn.
Fall of 2008 macro image by Carolyn Hietala


Standing together..... side by side in Virginia

Tall hopes. Tall expectations.
November 4, 2008
Image by Carolyn Hietala


Hmmm..... I wonder if I turned off the coffee pot

Oh Well. Gotta hurry to get in line to VOTE!
November 4, 2008
This very large ant kept going back into its hole, then quickly out again..... over and over again, touching its face as if it had forgotten something really important. OCD maybe? Still undecided?
Nature Wildlife Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


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