BugGuide.Net ... Orange Assassin Bug - Pselliopus ... This insect was identified with help from this website. Nature lovers must visit here!

All I had to do to find this insect was to type "orange insect" into their search option...... and there it was!......and a photo to boot. I love this site. Check it out. Click on title above photo.

Even though the orange bug carries the name of assassin...... well it appears there is another assassin at work here in this photograph ;0) (the bug did escape the Chinese mantis as the day was very windy and the plant moved way too much)

Carolyn Hietala


Jack-In-The-Pulpit growing in my own front yard in Richmond, Virginia. Fine Art via Mother Nature!

I was feeling wishful for Summer again so at least it can be here in this photograph. Sunshine, warm breezes and watermelon...... oh yeah..... and let's not forget fresh tomatos.

Photo by Carolyn Hietala


"Lunch" as seen through the eyes of the Praying Mantis. This photograph gives the opportunity for you to step into the world of the mantid. Yummy!

I'm afraid it doesn't do very much for my appetite as the only orange food I crave is an orange. Definitely click twice on this photo to supersize!
Carolyn Hietala


Tiger Beetle ... I spent days this past summer trying to get close enough to photograph this quick little insect and finally succeeded.

I pleaded with Tiger to stand still but to no avail. Will try again with another one next year.

Carolyn Hietala


Chinese Praying Mantis egg case will wait patiently until spring at which time over a hundred babies will emerge. Life goes on.

Isn't it amazing how Mother Nature provides for the continuance of even the smallest of species on earth? The eggs are safely protected from the ravages of winter. Spring warmth will trigger hatching so let's hope a bird isn't watching for they would make quite an easy meal. (I will be moving this one to an inconspicuous spot to insure they do have a better chance of surviving.)

Carolyn Hietala


Woodland or Forest Lily ... beautiful orange wildflower towering above my head .. growing in a wetland environment.

Turk's Cap is a beautiful woodland lily and resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Carolyn Hietala

Katydid Bathing Beauty! It took cool temperatures last night to slow this one down enough to photograph. Afraid it's in the Autumn of its life.

Yet another insect putting "foot in mouth."

A male named Katy.... wonder how he really feels about that! He sure is enjoying the sunshine.

Carolyn Hietala

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