Fishing Spider has a second home - Right beside our reading chair..... for company ;0)

"Terminator" will be getting an even larger home but for now it suffices. Eating a cricket every other day and fresh water provided, this arachnid is quite content. Don't be alarmed that it isn't getting enough oxygen as the lid is simply resting loosely on top of the pickle jar..... just secure enough to keep it in..... and the cats out. Oddly it has no interest in attempting to escape so must be happy. Terminator will eventually be released to join its own kind in the wetland area of the yard.... and I only hope it doesn't return to our basement EVER AGAIN!!!!!! ;0)
Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


"Introspection of First Morning" - a poem I wrote - about a photo I took

Summer cicadas chanting in unison,
urgently urging, wake up, wake up.

Warm yellow glazes envelope cold places
once held tightly by sticky black spaces.

Shadows of night are secretly slinking,
chased into hiding where they only go.

Still are the crickets as indoor eyes open.
Floor invites touch as coffee does tasting.

Pet paws rush out to dewdrop sample,
odorous leaf beckonings - rotting I reckon.

Thus it begins, another new day
with first morning freshness fading away.

Tomorrow's promise, simple as stated:
If reality favors..... first morning will be ;0)

Nature Photograph & Poem (both copyright protected & all rights reserved) by Carolyn Hietala


Fishing Spider in pickle jar - Aggressive Arachnid

Intimidation Stare ;0)
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Well I've had this "pet" for a few days now and its attitude hasn't improved. I will NOT be removing it from its home to photograph therefore I apologise for images taken through glass. The critter sure relishes crickets!
Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


New pet wants to EAT me ;0( Fearless!

Shown in its temporary home perched on top of a toilet paper roll. Instead of running away this guy goes TOWARD you when getting close to it. Ha.
Absolutely No Fear Here!
Aggressive, very agile & loves devouring crickets. New abode is a large pickle jar so as soon as the transfer is completed (wanna help?) I'll post a picture.
Fishing Spider Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Daffodil - Miniature Yellow Discard

Trash to treasure!

Living next to a church graveyard can have advantages aside from having "quiet" neighbors. Often seemingly dead potted plants are released from their containers and tossed into the woods. This little Spring blossom is the result of one such discard. Thanks ;0)
Nature Flower Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Periwinkle On Brown

Another Blue Promise..... On A Cold Yet Sunny Day ;0)
Nature Flower Image by Carolyn Hietala
.....come on Spring!


Periwinkle tricked into blooming..... welcome little specks of blue joy ;0)

These delightful flowers are promising
us that Spring will come..... Hurry!

The warm temperatures of the last few days have Robins sunning and searching the lawn for earthworms. Today chilly temperatures return ;0(
Nature Art Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


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