"Introspection of First Morning" - a poem I wrote - about a photo I took

Summer cicadas chanting in unison,
urgently urging, wake up, wake up.

Warm yellow glazes envelope cold places
once held tightly by sticky black spaces.

Shadows of night are secretly slinking,
chased into hiding where they only go.

Still are the crickets as indoor eyes open.
Floor invites touch as coffee does tasting.

Pet paws rush out to dewdrop sample,
odorous leaf beckonings - rotting I reckon.

Thus it begins, another new day
with first morning freshness fading away.

Tomorrow's promise, simple as stated:
If reality favors..... first morning will be ;0)

Nature Photograph & Poem (both copyright protected & all rights reserved) by Carolyn Hietala


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Nice photo and poem! The poem is vibrant and contemplative. And you are much braver than I. I'm not ready to put my poems in a blog. :)

steve said...

Wonderful words and image Carolyn. This captures a perfect morning.

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