Huckleberries - One Of Virginia's Native Pleasures

Yummm..... have you ever had Huckleberry pie?
They aren't ripe yet (dwarf variety - G. baccata - fruit is shiny black) but I have every intention of picking at least one serving of these delicious berries this year.
My dog Maggie ate them last year with a little help from the birds. I put up a temporary fence around the patch to keep Maggie out so am hoping the birds leave me some!
Maggie is already munching on the blackberries even though they are still mostly green..... yes I do feed her well..... ha. Since I found her abandoned and living in a hole in an embankment at Swift Creek Reservoir, I guess she had to eat anything she could find to survive. Her favorite indoor treat is a great big raw carrot. ;0)
Richmond Virginia - Chesterfield County
Nature Art Photograph by Carolyn Hietala

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