Diary of the Red-shouldered Hawk - Richmond, Va.

I am keeping a visual record of my resident Red-shouldered Hawk on Flickr. Here is the link to those images.....

The hunting pattern has become rather scheduled for my resident raptor:

The meadow/wetland/adjoining woodland is its hunting ground for most of the day in the front yard..... then around 4:30 p.m. until dark it frequents the backyard.

It takes all catches off into the woodland to eat or maybe to feed its young if nesting.
I have noticed that it will not arrive to the backyard spot if I am within about 25 feet so I'll avoid the area until I see it hunting (or hear the local birds harassing it) before I get the camera and go outside. It appears this bird gets so focused on searching for prey that it becomes oblivious to my presence unless I approach too loudly or close..... then it flies off to return later to continue the hunt until leaving just before sunset ;0)

canon rebel xt / sigma 150 / full setting / cropped / evening backlighting / backyard woodland / richmond virginia / chesterfield county

Nature Art Photograph by Carolyn Hietala


Paul H said...

I was in Monroe Park a year or so ago on a warm summer day, when like a dream, this big rusty brown bird swooped down from an oak tree and silently snatched a squirrel for it's dinner. It was almost like a dream. I kept my eye on the tree and walked closer till I spotted a hawk methodically disassembling the squirrel. It added a bit of mystery and excitement to an otherwise dreary afternoon.

Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

Carolyn Hietala said...

That is certainly a memory not easily forgotten! And where you would least expect to see such an event..... in an urban setting.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts ;0)

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