Virginia White-tailed Deer - Strolling in my yard

Dear Deer..... What can the matter be?
I'd expect that a drive in the country would bring me the opportunity to photograph our native Whitetail but I live a few minutes from the Richmond City line and this doe is a daily visitor to my yard. She still wisely employs a wary demeanor. Isn't it amazing how our local wildlife have adapted to an urban environment? Nature rules!
Nature Art Image by Carolyn Hietala


tvnewsbadge said...

Richmond is awash with deer... check out a couple of pic's I took of a couple in my neighbors yard at
One of them is a ten point trophy buck.

I've even seen them in my front yard. Put out some deer corn for them, but so far the squirrels are the only diners.


Carolyn Hietala said...

Amazing isn't it? Nature finds a way to coexist with us in urban environments..... yet I'm sure the deer would prefer the pleasures of "deep woods." ;0)
Nice pictures!!!!
Here's YEAAAA from the squirrels for the corn!

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