Young Tulip Poplar - Favorite tree for Praying Mantis to place Egg Case? - Build your house on ROCK! - Safe & Secure

Mother Nature wisely instructed this little creation.....
"Do not build your house upon the sand"

So it chose a sturdy little Tulip Poplar to house its eggs upon ;0)

I have found three Preying Mantid egg cases this week and all were carefully placed on baby Tulip Poplars. (Update: 2 more found but this time on baby Maples so I guess they like saplings of any kind ;0) Who could say insects aren't smart..... at least about some things!

Nature Photographs by Carolyn Hietala


...Kat said...

wow I didn't know that!

I'll be observant and look/note for such here

Carolyn Hietala said...

same thing last year but I should probably amend my post to say "the tulip poplar is the favorite in at least MY YARD anyway" as I am sure where they resided here, the poplar was the only sturdy tree... other than a few baby maples scattered amongst the flowers & weeds ;0)

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