Eastern Yellowjackets - Discovered cruising upon the bow of the boat - Not good! - Vespula maculifronsm

See the new baby peering out?
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A folded piece of old carpet stored on the bow of the boat was an open invitation for these Yellowjackets to call it "Home Sweet Home." They had been very secretive until the car door bumped the boat a few days. Then all mayhem broke loose with thousands of buzzing wasps taking to the air! A big yellow blur. Aided by the boat anchor and rope, the carpet was pulled off to reveal a huge nest which fell out onto the ground. Sorry! Hours later I was able to take a very quick shot (so apologize for the blurry photo) as I know the harm angry bees can do!

The next morning some critter had removed all evidence of the nest..... most likely an oppossum. The worker in the above photo had an injured wing so "went down with the ship" ;0(

Here's what has to say about these insects:


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very cool pattern/nature shots. I love the peering out one in the first shot.

...Kat said...

great post!

I so respect these guys and run like hell from them.

Once I had a nest in the ground that had been exposed and I thought was done for and so the next time I walked by I stepped on it deliberately...
a big mistake. I immediately yelled to a friend and visitor- run for it- as I turned and took off myself... there were yellow jackets still there and protecting their turf.

Fortunately I have no allergies to these (nor to poison ivy which I still respect and am careful with) but my poor big sister Linda does and it so hampers her ability to enjoy the outdoors, she is always watching for any bee at all times, even though she took the series of desensitizing shots... I wonder if I would be as 'paranoid' as she if it were me... maybe I would so I try to be supportive of her concerns while encouraging her to have a bit less worry

Carolyn Hietala said...

RESPECT is definitely the word with these wasps!
I'm not allergic but do NOT enjoy pain.... and itching afterwards is even worse ;0)

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