SMART Eastern Fence Lizard - Male Sunbather - Sceloporus undulatus

He must have recently shed his skin as he has a bit of dead skin left on one nostril. I resisted the urge to reach out and remove it as that would have certainly been the end of this photo session ;0)

He doesn't mind my presence at all and I am only a few feet away!

My favorite picture ;0)
See the deep blue color under his neck?
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In this image you can see that his tail is slightly crooked from an old injury. Hope my Min Pin didn't have anything to do with that! I did notice that the log he's sunning on is located directly under a Holly Tree..... the fallen leaves of which would definitely discourage my dog from walking there ;0) Hmmmm..... Smart Lizard.
More info found at this University of Georgia website: http://www.uga.edu/srelherp/lizards/sceund.htm
Photographs by Carolyn Hietala http://carolynhietalapaintings.blogspot.com/


Cindy said...

When I kept bearded dragons, I always felt compelled to "help" them get those pesky bits of skin out of their nostrils and ears. And around their eyelids. And their toes. And...

...Kat said...

my lizards have all been running and hiding from me bigtime

Carolyn Hietala said...

Cindy, I am always drawn to the bearded dragons when purchasing cat & dog food at Petsmart. Very appealing little guys with their friendly disposition.

Yes Kat, I can relate to the running/hiding as I have attempted to get a "good" shot of the skinks here this summer..... ha to no avail. Way too quick for me ;0(

Cindy said...

Beardies make the best lizard pets, IMO. But, as with dogs and cats, you're better off getting one from a reputable breeder rather than a pet store.

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