Persimmons! 'Tis the season for the wildlife raid on the ripe fruit of the persimmon tree.

The foliage of a young tree.

The acorns began to fall yesterday but the ground was already speckled with orange persimmons compliments of the birds. A few yellow ones with branch attached were found too, broken by the weight of squirrels. Its a small tree so it probably will be stripped of its sweet smelling treats in short order. I have yet to spy an opossum partaking but they generally slink about after dark as we sleep.

The blocked bark pattern and dark black / gray color of the persimmon tree trunk is unique. It distinguishes itself for identification purposes from other trees even in winter when it has no leaves or fruit. Erratically beautiful! This Diospyros virginiana (Common Persimmon) is native to Virginia and is one of several females presently bearing fruit in my backyard.
My dog Maggie is greedily relishing the tasty morsels too and snatching them up as soon as they fall ;0)
Photos by Carolyn Hietala

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