Find it in your heart - Leave some Poke Weed in your yard! - Poke Berries are a favorite of Bluebirds in the Fall & Winter ;0)

Last year flocks of Bluebirds and Robins invaded the Pokeweed patches. In just a few days the plants were stripped bare of their fruit. That is why I left even more of these plants alone to mature this year..... to feed the birds again.

No these weeds are not very attractive but.....

.....the birds clearly don't feel the same way as we do about them.
With the draught we are experiencing now, any help we can give our feathered friends will be appreciated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..... or the tummy of a bird?
Ever heard of the song (Polk) Poke Salad Annie? Just remember that pokeberries or mature pokeweed plants are NOT for human consumption. More information is given here at the Georgetown University Medical Center website:


...Kat said...

I love pokeweed

I have a huge one sprawling all over on a slope that I need to work

I will consider working it into the plantings or relocating it
but never will it go on the compost heap

I wish I had more sunny areas
I am starting to get shaded out

sigh... too busy with clean up to take many nice photos to share

how did the aster ID go?

Carolyn Hietala said...

Poke Weed does well in the shaded woods too and you don't have to do anything special to keep it growing. It grows when NOTHING else will ;0) As to the aster ID... well I gave up on discovering the exact name as there were so many... but definitely an aster. Thanks KAT. There are only a few blossoms left and the mantids have now abandoned their vigil on them. We have experienced a few really cold nights so they might be dead now. I gathered their egg cases to keep on the porch until spring as mice got to some last winter. Sure am hoping to photo the babies hatching. Wish me luck ;0)

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