When it rains it pours - Then out come the Two-lined Salamanders of Virginia! - Eurycea bislineata - Colorful Autumn Leaves are a perfect background

Walking my Miniature Pinscher turns into a NATURE WALK every time ;0) This was a lucky find indeed. It might be a Eurycea cirrigera..... not sure. With a wetland habitat on my property, I am able to discover so many interesting creatures. Protect our WETLANDS please. More information about this salamander is found at this NPWRC website:


...Kat said...


oh so beautiful!

Carolyn Hietala said...

thanks. Felt for this little salamander as it was so chilly that day. Guess it is cozying down in prep for winter 'bout now under that nice big log nearby.

...Kat said...

yes, my green tree frogs are still out and I want to put little green knit sweaters on them!

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