"Moth Pupa" Oil Painting framed to benefit local Wildlife Rehabbers ARK / SOLD via silent auction at Rockwood Park in Chesterfield, Virginia

Entomologists and Nature Lovers will adore this painting! It is very detailed and painted directly from collected leaves, rocks, moss, walnut, sticks, lichen, log and let's not forget the pupa! All sat on my palette while being painted. (The pupa kept annoying me by moving though) It was actually quite fun to wander through the woods to locate each and every object.....except the pupa which can be blamed for starting the whole project.

See the Step - by - Step progression of this painting here:


This painting began my Nature Art Paintings series. More are being created to be shown in this blog. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have in creating them!

Thanks for your interest.

Carolyn Hietala

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