RECYCLE THAT OLD MAILBOX - Cedar post and all - Shall it be a Birdhouse or Squirrel Feeder?

White-breasted Nuthatch agrees.....

recycling an old mailbox is a good thing ;0)

Yep..... this mailbox has "Gone to the Squirrels."

Remnants of Hickory nuts lay scattered inside the box while an abandoned Wren nest is left intact. Birds often roost in old nests on cold winter days, cozy and protected from the elements. Since the mailbox is simply resting between two Holly trees, it can easily be relocated elsewhere if desired.

Last summer Wrens raised a brood here. The nest was tightly constructed against the back of the box. If neighboring cats had not been afraid to enter the yard (where my dogs rule) I would have inserted a wooden front, complete with entrance hole to make the birds safe and secure. I still may do that as the squirrels have decided to use it for a dining area this fall, wouldn't want them to disturb nesting Wrens next spring ;0)

Update from 2010: I put a front on the mailbox and a pair of Nuthatches have claimed it as theirs, as evident in the first image. Here's the link to read about the Nuthatchs nesting in the mailbox:
Conserve & Recycle - Recycling makes good sense so use your creativity and find new uses for old things. Your backyard wildlife will certainly appreciate your efforts!
Carolyn Hietala


...Kat said...

where do you take all your photographs? is there any one particular place you favor?

great news to share!
I have been linked here '-)

Painted Wings... gifts galore

Carolyn Hietala said...

Congrats! I visited and pretty cool ;0) What an honor!

Ref. your questions: Most of my photos are taken on my property & guess that's my favorite place. If not taken there I tell where. My good friend also contributes and I give her credit when I post them... mostly photos from her yard.

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