The last ripe tomato of the season and..... Oh Yeah, A Praying Mantid!

While nonchalantly gazing at the camera, this mantis patiently waits for prey next to the tomato plants.

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The tomato obviously wasn't my focus in this photo session ;0) I wished to show the lace like detail of the wings on this Chinese Mantid. Amazing the works of Mother Nature!


nina said...

How do you do that?!
Here everything is long past living--you're still finding life!
(It's nice to be able to visit and see another's surroundings)

Carolyn Hietala said...

Ha... but I did take this photo weeks ago just before our first freeze. I have noticed though that lots of insects (even one green Chinese Mantid) cheated death by going deep into thick grasses/weeds near the tomatos. Am afraid I let my garden get out of control these last few months. Hubby has been insisting that I get a start on cleaning it out but I didn't want to until the last mantid is history. After the shot above I discovered a mantid egg case in the deep grass. Guess they are all gone now as I searched this week. Lots of stink bugs though ;0)

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