Glorifying the Honeybee at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

No words sufficient to describe the beauty!

Bee is on Sedum.

Photos taken in Richmond, Virginia by Carolyn Hietala


nina said...

Her warm golden tones show up so well in the cool pinks.
Isn't a busy bee a nice subject? They are so engrossed in their work, you can easily fuss fairly close to them.

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great photos of insects. I came across your site as I was browsing through the blogs of those that had listed "insects" as an interest. Your photos are very good. :)

Carolyn Hietala said...

Nina...yes yes yes to photoing bees ;0) I've also become quite a fan of flowers such as sedum and goldenrod that keep them busy for a good while. Goldenrod also attracts many moths as we sleep so next year I would like to have it on my deck in a planter box for late night pics.

Thanks Daniel and ditto on your site...very nice. Mind if I link?

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Hi Carolyn, I don't mind if you link at all. Please do. The more people that can find my site the better! I try to make it educational and funny- and nature is usually both! I added a link to your site on my "Other Insect Blogs". And if you don't mind- I can provide a link back to the Wheel Bug for my article on the Jagged Ambush Bug.

Your paintings are great!


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