My favorite native tree - American Holly - Ilex opaca Ait. - Aquifoliaceae or Holly family

When Autumn has stolen our deciduous foliage, the American Holly suddenly maintains a prominant place in the landscape. Winter woodlands are spotted with their greenery, reminding us that eventually Spring will bring even more green. It is also a favorite Winter welcome to birds for its sustaining red berries and sheltering leaves.
Read more about this often overlooked Virginia tree here via the USDA Forest Service website:
Photo by Carolyn Hietala


Daniel Spurgeon said...

I also like the American Holly. Several of these are growing wild in the woods behind my house here in Alabama. Thanks for posting the helpful information about them.

Carolyn Hietala said...

You're welcome.
As a child the Holly was the ultimate climbing tree. All the branches were perfectly spaced for a quick trip up... the bark smooth enough as to be kind to little hands. I miss those times ;0) I can still enjoy their beauty though!

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