Portrait of a millipede - What an adorable face on this Richmond resident.

This particular four inch long specimen is my pet and is shown peering over its water dish. What big eyes you have! The Narceus americanus / annularis complex is the largest USA native millipede and being nocturnal not often seen. They are quite harmless but if you handle them you should wash your hands before touching your eyes. They can discharge a substance if frightened that can be skin irritating to some but I have never experienced it. If you hold them gently that shouldn't happen. Otherwise they do not bite and thoroughly enjoy eating dry quality pellet dog food and various organic (remember no pesticides) raw vegetable scraps sprinkled with calcium powder. Carrots seem a favorite. I will post more photos later but in the meantime here's what has to say about this millipede:
Carolyn Hietala

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