No longer pregnant & quite a bit thinner - Proud but tired - This mother Argiope aurantis will rest today!

Pregnant Mom ;0) Be sure to click on photos to enlarge.

This one and the next were taken last night.

Just exploring before the big event of laying those eggs.

Eggs already laid and she is putting the finishing touches on the egg case.

Look closely at the silk strands being placed on the case.

Smile - You're on Candid Camera!

She is working so quickly - Oh my kingdom for a video camera ;0(

More than one thread at a time.

Every nook & cranny gets special attention.

Since this egg case is so fresh it hasn't yet changed color to brown as shown here on What a large & lovely North American Garden Spider - The Black & Yellow Argiope.
Photographs by Carolyn Hietala

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