Portable housing for the Garden Spider - An antique tin funeral flower holder

Perhaps it's a fitting place to meet their demise for all the insects that the spider feasts on?

I'm not complaining as now I am able to photograph her more easily ;0) What a beautiful web.

This is a beautiful female Argiope aurantia. I hung her under the back porch light last night and she pigged out mostly on moths. She will spend the day placed safely behind deck furniture so she won't be easy prey for a hungry bird. Tonight she'll reside under the light once again to dine.

I see an alien with his hands placed on his hips glaring at me!
Ah ha.... Rorschach Inkblot Test! What do you see?

(click on images to supersize)

Photos by Carolyn Hietala

Simply lovely! Found in Richmond, Virginia.

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