Living under your porch light - No big deal right?

You first notice it after turning on the porch light one night, content in a securely constructed home. The next morning you discover it gone with no sign of ever having been there..... home and all is gone.

The next night again the creature is back..... lounging innocently as it glows in the light. In the morning all gone again! Now you begin to wonder if you imagined it being there as you search for it in daylight. Every morning it's nowhere to be found. Every night it's back again just like clockwork. Hmmmm..... so begins the saga of "the disappearing spider mystery" or should it be called "mother nature drives you nuts." Ideas anyone? (click on images to supersize)
UPDATE: The MYSTERY appears solved. Visit this website for more information: This spider has been identified via Thanks again!
Photograph by Carolyn Hietala

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