Got Warts? Not like this little fellow. A reliable bug zapper - No electricity needed - Extremely quiet & gentle - So cute! - Yes it's a Toad Frog

What an adorable face! That "serious" look expresses the Toad's attitude when it comes to voraciously snatching its insect prey. (click on images to enlarge)

These friendly Toads are mostly active at night in my Chesterfield County yard. The hot dry weather conditions would quickly dry them up during the day so they hide in moist places until almost dark. But Toads still grab an insect passing by their hideaway..... without leaving the comfort of their bed! Now that's what I call room service.
This particular individual is quite large and has a red color along with some dark brown shades. I believe it may be a Bufo Americanus (Eastern American Toad) but refer to this Virginia Game & Wildlife website link to the Virginia Herpetological Society for more information about Virginia Toads: http://fwie.fw.vt.edu/VHS/frogs_and_toads_of_virginia.htm
Due to its lack of fear this one sat still so I was able to get many nice camera shots..... thank you! Very photogenic don't you think? Mother Nature's natural insecticide once again ;0)
Photographs by Carolyn Hietala http://carolynhietalapaintings.blogspot.com/

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