feeling trapped.....

This large dragonfly was discovered at
the bug zapper late one night.

I did not have the heart to just leave it there to perish so kept it in a plastic butter container until the next day. For a couple of quick photos before release, I placed it in a glass jar, hence the hazy quality and lack of detail. When released it was gone in a flash, flew high into the sky, then off to the treetops.

I feel bad about using the bug zapper as innocent insects do fall victim..... but the bloodthirsty mosquitos from the wetland keep trying to enter the house every time I let the dogs in or out. Glad I could save this one anyway. Hope it doesn't return ;0)

Odonata Backyard Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala
All of my images are copyright protected with all rights reserved.
Photo take in Richmond, Virginia - Chesterfield County

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