Dazed & Confused..... the window pain strikes again ;0(

A Young Common Yellowthroat
This little bird had been enjoying the ornamental grass seeds in the yard until something possessed it to fly against the windowpane of my house. I rushed outside to see if it was all right and could not find it. Assuming it had flown off unharmed I started indoors and there it was..... next to the front door on the porch. I carefully covered it with a box to give it time to recover.
About a half hour later I checked on it..... still it wouldn't move..... later I once again lifted the box..... it flew into the yard. OK. That's progress. I then fetched my camera and followed it for a few minutes taking pics. Suddenly it flew into the Willow tree, hopped from branch to branch rejoining its bird friends in ravaging the grass seeds once again....... AMAZING! I'd be calling my doctor..... ha.
For quite a while I enjoyed watching it through that very windowpane that had caused its strife. The little critter was busy doing what birds do and acting as if nothing had ever happened to it. WHEW! Thank goodness. It survived an encounter that many birds never do ;0)
canon rebel xt / sigma 150 / macro / morning sun / uncropped / backyard nature wildlife / richmond virginia / chesterfield county
Nature Wildlife Photograph by Carolyn Hietala

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