Copperhead Snake Portrait..... A Chesterfield County Resident

Image of a baby Northern Copperhead

Coiled Cutie

Ahhhh..... the innocence of youth!

Docile and shy, this little neonate will struggle to survive in this great big world. Given the importance of biodiversity, I wish it a safe life journey..... in the woods though..... not on my lawn ;0)

ONLY an experienced snake handler that is very familiar with snake behavior (and especially poisonous species) should ever attempt a macro shot..... for obvious reasons. Snakes are notoriously unpredictable subjects.

canon rebel xt / sigma 150 / macro / woodland backyard garden / image taken in partial shade / cropped framed / richmond virginia / chesterfield county / Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen / venomous poisonous dangerous reptile / baby northern copperhead

Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala
All images are copyright protected all rights reserved.


Daniel Spurgeon said...

Lovely copperhead! Excellent capture!

nina said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

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