Tree Frog in a Pickle Jar

Northern Spring Peeper - Pseudacris crucifer crucifer

Ever seen those huge jars of pickles
at your local grocery store?

Why purchase an aquarium when you can repurpose a pickle jar as a terrarium or fishbowl. Just remember to NEVER EVER screw the lid on but just rest it gently on top. But this probably is not the best choice, especially with children in the household. A lid made of window screen held on by wire or a rubber band would work best. NEVER place the jar in direct sunlight..... goes without saying.

This little critter was rescued and will be released as soon as Spring is officially in progress. I have just the spot already picked out..... with plenty of Peeper company ;0)

Nature Art by Carolyn Hietala


Cindy said...

I get the same thrill from finding a big jar as most normal women (I imagine) would get from finding the perfect pair of shoes or something on sale. (My shoes are of an orthopedic style, rarely known to go on sale.)

I like the great big plastic jars of pretzels, candy, etc. that can be purchased from those membership warehouse stores. While I don't have a membership, I occasionally find the empty jars in the recycle bins at school, and many people know to save their jars for me.

Cute froggy, too, BTW

nina said...

I've heard torrents of song from my polls already this spring--but never thought about finding one for my tabletop.
Does he sing?

Sometimes in the heat of summer, we've had gray tree frogs "perch" (?) just outside a bedroom window or cling to the window trim itself--it can be a maddening experience!

Carolyn Hietala said...

Cindy... I also get nice plastic containers from my daughter for bugs and storage. ;0)

Nina... He doesn't do anything but eat and wait to eat but I believe he might if the windows are open when kin are singing outside. My daughter had a tree frog that answered her dog's bark... ha ;0)

Cindy said...

Maybe it's a girl-frog. They don't croak.

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