Recycle Those Cappuccino Coffee Cups..... OR - What do millipedes, plants & a Spring Peeper frog all have in common?

Most of us have discarded cups that we have become either tired of or because they have been chipped or cracked. I use these potential throwaways as starter pots to propagate house plants. My millipede terrarium needed cleaning so I seized the opportunity to add some decor..... old chipped or less than perfect china housing greenery. I also included artificial ivy and a worn vintage plate for more interest. The additions effectively conceal from immediate view the food / water dishes and the small fishbowl of substrate where the millipedes hangout during the daylight hours. Sorry no pictures of the millipedes as they are asleep but see my label "millipede" and there they are.

This view of the tank from above shows the Spring Peeper tree frog nestled beside the dish (click on image to supersize) of dog food. Yesterday the little fellow very happily spent the day in the water dish. Just north of the frog is the fishbowl housing the millipedes. I hope this arrangement works well for all inhabitants ;0)
Nature Art by Carolyn Hietala http://carolynhietalapaintings.blogspot.com/

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