When I grow up I want to be a tree ;0)

Maybe in my NEXT life?
It's all a matter of perspective..... How we perceive what we see, events in our lives or even how we view ourselves can determine our future. But let us accept the things we cannot change..... like if we were born a mushroom instead of a tree..... ha!
Ponder these questions for a moment though: Do you think BIG or small? Is your cup half empty or half FULL? Do you relish GOODNESS or evil? Can you differentiate illusion from REALITY? Can you recognize that ACTIONS do speak louder than words? ETC. etc. etc.........
I believe that possessing the ability to endlessly QUESTION and not simply surrender to the views or wishes of others is the key to personal fulfillment. Also being able to say WHAT IF allows us to strive for our own idea of personal greatness.
Thanks Adrienne Celeste for another thought provoking image ;0)

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