AFTER a day of Christmas Shopping! Ever felt like this?

This image perfectly describes the aftermath of one of MY shopping days. Sometimes you feel like you could just crash ANYWHERE ;0)
Photograph captured at Richmond Metro Zoo by a good friend.


Heidi Fuller said...

Enjoying your perspective on things. Your blog NEEDS to be a new habit of mine. It's stirring.

Carolyn Hietala said...

Thanks for your kindness.
Hope Christmas this year is wonderful for you, your family & friends. Happy Holidays!... & happy writing ;0)

nina said...

My daughter gave me a praying mantis sculpture for Christmas--I immediately thought of you!
Hope your holidays were merry.

I've tagged you for the Seven Random Facts meme, if you're game!

T.R. said...

I found you through Nina at Nature Remains.

I love your reading your blog, I hope you come back soon. Happy New Year.

Carolyn Hietala said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Happy New Year to you!

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