Green Metallic Bee - Halictid bee - Agapostemon virescens

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Iridescent Little Bee On Blackberry Blossom

Sawtooth Blackberry - Rubus argutus

Nature Backyard Insect Photograph by Carolyn Hietala

Richmond, Virginia - Chesterfield County

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Stefano Bonalume said...

Beautiful colours! That green is beautiful!
Ste ;)r

Carolyn Hietala said...

Thanks ;0)
I visited your blog and you are a very talented photographer!
Keep up the super job you're doing and good wishes in all you pursue ;0)
Beautiful images!

Stefano Bonalume said...

Thank you! I love take photos and I often visit your blog because you take wonderful photos and I like to see its.
Sorry for my english(i hope I wrote enough well so you can understand....maybe a child write better than me hahaha!) ;)
Continue posting your photos and thanks for your answer! ;)


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