Woodland creature..... the harmless, shy and very elusive Eastern Worm Snake - Carphophis amoenus amoenus

This little snake was discovered napping under a board at the edge of my yard, The board had been warmed by sunshine, becoming a nice place to raise this small reptile's body temperature.
I have scattered a few more small boards about the backyard wood, strictly for catching a shot of some surprised small critter..... lift slowly and snap picture quickly ;0)
Wild Nature Reptile Photograph by Carolyn Hietala
Image taken in Richmond, Virginia - Chesterfield County
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Stefano Bonalume said...

I like you photos and i often see your blog ;)
Sorry for my english but i'm italian...
How do you take photos like this (the snake)... if i try to do a photo to a snake it run away...
Please answer me!

Carolyn Hietala said...

Hi Stefano ;0)
...fortunately this little snake was napping under a small board I had put on top of the leaves in the woods. Wait until the sun has warmed it... then lift one side of the board quietly, slowly and already have your camera focused as closely as possible. While being careful not to spook the snake, rest your camera on your knee (or small tripod) and well..... good luck ;0) Sometimes they do run under the leaves but keeping very still and noiseless helps! Place the board back exactly as found and wait another day to try again.

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