Blue Dasher Dragonfly..... a melancholy one.

Dragonflies have emotions?

Wouldn't have the faintest idea. I only know that images of them evoke varied feelings in me.

Yesterday I passed by the rain barrel and on a seed pod was a Dasher. I took off my glasses (am very very near sighted) and approached slowly until she was in focus. Let me tell you, up close and only a few inches away from her face..... it was way more exhilerating to view the creature this way than through a camera lens. Those eyes are mesmerizing! She was eating a bug, moving her little head and chomping her jaws. The sunlight was reflecting off those eyes, through them revealing their amazing beauty. It was a special memory that never went digital..... and that's ok ;0)

Blue Dasher Dragonfly - Pachydiplax longipennis
Odonata - Female
Photo taken in Richmond, Virginia - Chesterfield County
Insect Backyard Nature Photograph by Carolyn Hietala
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