Don't Throw It Away! ..... Gardening Tip

If you have ever gardened
or done yard cleanup
you might have discovered one of these.
It measures approximately one inch and would have been nestled carefully on a plant or even attached to your home in an out of the way nook.
This egg sac might not look special or precious but inside are miniature versions of that big gorgeous black and yellow Garden Spider (Argiope Aurantia.) The spiderlings will emerge and most likely won't be noticed at all until approaching adulthood. Then the large signature webs constructed by the females are easily seen.
They're not only beautiful to look at but these spiders are a natural alternative to using pesticides!
Check out the labels to the right of this photo
and click on "spider".....
there you may view images of this amazing orb spider ;0)
Nature Arachnid Photographs by Carolyn Hietala

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